Exceptional Results

Mountain Peak Roofing takes great care in the selection of manufacturers and vendors.  It is only when combining the best materials with superior workmanship that customers receive the exceptional results.  The company stands behind suppliers, the crew, and your home in a promise of an all-around superior experience.  

Proper Ventilation

Besides the shingle installation, Mt Peak Roofing takes great pride in the ventilation system installed on customer's roofs.  Effective attic ventilation helps fight excess heat and moisture before it becomes a serious problem.  At Mt Peak, we know that like shingles, not all ridge vents are created equal, and we choose to use the best in the industry.

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Mt. Peak Roofing


Shingles are almost as diverse as the homes they protect. Besides being crucial for safety and comfort, singles are also a major component of the look and feel of a home.  Between all of the different styles, types and colors there are literally thousands of options to choose from.  Not all shingles are created equal and as with most things, you get what you pay for. Oftentimes the difference between a bid from Mountain Peak and one of our competitors is the quality of materials used. Before you choose which contractor and therefore which brand of shingles to use, please do some research. We know that you will choose the shingles that will be durable, reliable as well as reflect your individual tastes and preferences.  

CertainTeed, Best in the Business

Here at Mt. Peak Roofing, we use the best shingles in the industry - CertainTeed.  With over 100 years of experience under their tool belt as one of the leading roofing suppliers in the nation, we trust them with your home.  CertainTeed requires all installers to pass a roofing test to ensure that they understand roofing procedures and how to provide the best, long-lasting roof for your home.  Due to the fact that all of our employees have passed this test, CertainTeed allows us to offer an extended warranty above and beyond what most roofing contractors can offer.  One of the greatest features of CertainTeed is the many options they offer with shingle type, color and style all of which result in a stunning and unique roof.

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