VersiGard EPDM

VersiGard Non-Reinforced EPDM Roofing Systems incorporate 60, or 75 mil thick membrane.  VersiGard EPDM membrane widths up to 50' and lengths of 200' afford less rooftop seaming for large projects Versico’s EPDM membranes have been field tested for decades with long-term exposure to UV and ozone resulting in little property change. 


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Single-Ply Membrane

There are several types of single-ply membrane roof, all of which Mt. Peak Roofing is qualified to install.  In fact, many of our referrals interested in single-ply membrane often come from other roofing contractors in the valley.

Benefits of Single-Ply Membrane

  • Manufacturing process produces consistently high quality products
  • Competitively priced relative to other roofing materials
  • Easy to install, resulting in further cost savings due to reduced labor costs
  • Light color creates a heat reflective surface that reduces energy costs during hot months
  • Light weight material suitable for low pitch, flat or unconventional roof designs.  

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VersiFlex PVC

VersiFlex PVC Roofing Systems incorporate 60 or 80 mil thick PVC membrane.  VersiFlex PVC is composed of three layers – a PVC polymer bottom ply, a strong polyester or fiberglass-reinforced fabric scrim and a tough thermoplastic PVC-compounded top ply.  Because of its enhanced durability, VersiFlex PVC is highly resistant to fire and chemicals including acids, bases, restaurant oils. and grease.

VersiWeld TPO

VersiWeld TPO Roofing Systems incorporate 60, or 80 mil Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) membrane. VersiWeld TPO membrane is comprised of three layers – a TPO polymer base, a strong, polyester-reinforced fabric center (scrim) and a tough thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top-ply. Because the top-ply is the most vital membrane component for long-term weathering characteristics, Versico manufacturers its membranes with an industry leading “thicker” and “smoother” top-ply over scrim. 

Mt. Peak Roofing


Versico was formed in 1993 through the acquisition of a major single-ply roofing company. Now, more than twenty years later, Versico has positioned itself as one of the top three single-ply roofing system manufacturers in the U.S. by focusing its efforts on quality products and exceptional service.